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  • 2019

    Good morning Charlotte;

    Thanks very much for the photos; we’re still floating on a cloud of Cotswold magic, and sporting the sunburns (a rare thing for England!?) that we earned during the elegant summer weather you all treated us to. I can’t tell you how lovely our time was with you and Antonia, Nicki, Paolo and Giovanna. It was a treat to show Steenie a bit of the world, and especially through your perfect hospitality. Please give Richenda a big hug for us, that lunch was just amazing.

    All the Best to you for a lovely Autumn.

    - Hilarie
  • California, USA - August 2018

    Hi. Zara

    I get a lump in my throat looking at the photo of you and Major. What a guy he is, so handsome and trustworthy. I will miss him, I really will, and when I get overwhelmed by the everyday-ness of things, I will close my eyes and remember how it feels to gallop in the hills under that wide open sky. I’ll just have to plot my next trip over to you!


    - Mia Sara
  • New Orleans, USA - October 16th 2018

    Hi Zara,

    I so enjoyed the riding experience with you, Charlotte, and the marvelous Marble. The three H's - hosts, horses, and hospitality - combined for a wonderful once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Thank you for making this possible.

    When convenient, could you please send copies of the pictures you and Charlotte took. I'm especially interested in the ones set in the countryside while we were out riding.

    Thanks again for the Cotswolds ride!

    Warm regards

    - Susan Carley
  • Los Angeles, USA - July 2018

    Dear Zara

    I can’t tell you how much I, we, loved the riding trip, and meeting you and Charlotte, and Angharad and all the horses and etc... You guys did a wonderful job. Until soon.


    - Mia Sara
  • New Mexico, USA - June 29th 2018

    Dear Charlotte and Zara

    I’m still basking in memories of green hills, good horses and excellent company. Thanks again for hosting us.

    - Sayre
  • New Mexico, USA - June 28th 2018

    Dear Charlotte.

    I can't begin to thank you for the beautiful ride you arranged for us. It is a certainty that I will return to ride with you again. Either with Sandra, or Helmut & Otti, or by myself. 

    My home is always open to you and Charlie. Please come visit us here in New Mexico.

    Warmest Regards,

    - Nancy
  • Nashville, USA - June 18th 2018


    Thank you so much for the photo!  I was planning to write you as well.

    Nelson and I truly had the most fabulous time! You made it truly incredibly special and memorable!   I definitely would like to keep in touch, not only because I have every intention of coming back next year with my daughter (Keely) and hopefully we can arrange a ride with you and Ismay (sp?) but I also want to keep up with your expanding business plans. i’d love to talk more about them with you one day soon. I think you girls are just brilliant and I have all confidence that Stately Rides will continue to grow and be be sensational!

    Warmest Regards,

    - Amber
  • New York, USA - May 18th 2018

    Dear Zara and Charlotte,

    A heartfelt thank you comes to you from Abby, Garry and myself for the most incredible time in the Cotswolds. We loved our time on the horses and the company along with accommodations was top notch. I also can't say enough great things about how well you took care of Garry with tours and itinerary ideas while Abby and I were on horseback.

    I feel our experience was so very authentic and I'm passing along compliments to everyone I know about it. It was evident not only in the pre-planning emails but immediately upon meeting you both that you cared so very much that we just had the best time and experience ever, this made us feel very special indeed.

    I was delighted to get a birthday treat at the Wild Rabbit on Sunday night too.

    You both are wonderful ladies and it was a true pleasure to spend time with you both. I would love for you to pass along an address that I can mail a gift to our guide, Victoria. She was a true gem, a confident horsewoman who also knows her flowers (very cool).

    Cheers from the USA!

    - Kelly
  • United Kingdom - May 1st 2018

    Hi both,

    Just a quick email to say Rhun and I had the most AMAZING time with you on our adventure with SR.

    Absolute perfection. Thanks so so much..... will be in touch re Wales for sure!!!

    Hope to see you soon

    - Becky West
  • Canada - October 2017

    Hi Zara and Charlotte,

    I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed our ride last week!

    I really appreciated the quality of horses that we had to ride, and the work and logistics that went into having them ready and beautifully turned out every morning. Also our table waiting at lunch, our horses held and then just handing them off at the end of the day and going in for tea! I liked how friendly and knowledgeable our escort riders were and of course the stunning countryside!

    I also loved the great people that we stayed and dined with in their gorgeous houses. I have been in touch with Ann from Wormington, I think she is going to come over and work and learn in my Cafe and travel a bit around here.

    If either of you ever come to this side of the world please get in touch!

    Thanks again,

    - Cheryl
  • Maine, USA - September 30th 2017

    Dear Charlotte and Zara,

    Thanks to you and Charlotte for making our time with you such a memorable experience. We thoroughly enjoyed our selves, even though being in the company of an all female crew was a little tough. Of course, I pretty much expected that to be the case. It was great. Thanks once again.

    Many thanks,

    - Jerry Ashworth
  • September 25th 2017

    Dear Charlotte and Zara,

    I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you both, and the team as a whole, for a wonderful weekend. Crosby was a perfect gentleman for the two days and looked after me. The scenery was stunning and so much different from where I usually ride. It was nice not to have to dodge dog walkers, cars or mountain bikes and actually get some canters in!

    I did forget to mention to you that I actually met you both eight years ago when you first started the business. It was at the Royal Overseas Club in St James’ and one of the horse travel companies was doing an open afternoon where they had a number of their tour guides present and they had invited their customers along to the meet and greet. I picked up your brochure at the time but sadly did not get around to taking it any further. My loss.

    I hope that the rest of the group did not get too wet today and are enjoying themselves.

    Once again, thank you for a great weekend.

    Kind Regards,

    - Matthew Jones
  • Ledwell Oxfordshire - September 2017

    Dear Zara,

    I just wanted to write and thank you and Charlotte, the hosts and all the ride leaders for giving us such a wonderful time at the weekend. I had been so looking forward to it and it proved well worth the anticipation. It was great to get away from it all on the back of such a lovely horse (many thanks to Louisa for letting someone else enjoy Azlam) and I feel really rested as a result.

    Will be in touch re: Bella if Louisa’s pony does not work out.


    - Rosie
  • Bainbridge Island - August 10th 2017

    Dear Zara and Charlotte,

    Thank you both for the amazing June ride in Wales. The countryside was just fabulous, and we enjoyed each evening's stay in beautiful accommodations with such warm and welcoming hosts.

    Most of all, cheers to the beautiful Bella, who took such care with her cantering partner, and to the ever steady and willing Marble, who is always such a pleasure to ride.


    - Susan and Jack
  • New York City USA - July 25th 2017

    Hi Zara,

    We arrived back home last night, after an additional week in France. Once again, thanks to you and Charlotte for making our weekend at Wormington Grange so special.

    I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer, and that you get a bit of a break at some point.


    - Bruce Churchill
  • July 24th 2017

    Hello Zara and Charlotte,

    Just nestling into my favorite corner with a cup of tea and England On Horseback. It's my first opportunity to open it and I am so excited to, as you say in the introduction, discover the romance of the English countryside. That is exactly what I felt in the Cotswolds and now want to do so many of the other rides in your book. North-west Norfolk, the great estates, the heart of england, so many....

    How was your last tour at Wormington?


    - Christine
  • San Francisco USA - June 13th 2017

    Dear Charlotte and Zara,

    I realized that what I really wanted to say was that my time with you in the Cotswolds was lovely and invigorating - fabulous horses, incredible landscapes, beautiful homes, interesting and welcoming hosts, splendid home-cooked breakfasts and dinners, and hearty pub lunches. Marble proved to be steadfast and intrepid which was verified by all of the riding conditions we experienced including blustery winds and light rain along with the warm sunshine. I felt safe and secure on Marble from beginning to end of our 3 day adventure. Riding with Kate for two days and then Charlotte made for an informative ride - I appreciated the emphasis on safety and also on the history and other items of interest along the way. All in all the ride was a bespoke experience, particularly since the other riders had to cancel for medical reasons at the last minute. Many thanks - I hope to bring my riding partners along next year!

    Best regards,

    - Peggy
  • San Francisco USA - June 12th 2017

    Dear Charlotte.

    Just got home this afternoon. Can’t thank you enough for a fabulous trip. You have some fabulous horses and wonderful co-workers. Can you can, please pop a few brochures in the mail to me?

    Warm regards

    - Peggy
  • USA - June 2017

    Dear Charlotte and Zara,

    Home almost a week now, and you know what that's like - as though you've never been away! But, I've finally had a chance to look at the gorgeous book you gave us. I am so enjoying it! Thank you.

    We had a wonderful, if short, experience with Stately Rides. Zara, I am sorry we didn't get to meet you, but hope you enjoyed your holidays in bella Italia. Charlotte, thank you for your patience and kindness. I hope you have recovered!

    I'm not sure Phyllis will sign on again, but not because she didn't find it wonderful, I, however, hope to join you for another ride sometime. Maybe in Wales?!?

    Wishing you a wonderful summer!

    From a hot and hazy Fort Lee on the Hudson.

    Kindest regards

    - Melanie
  • New York - May 13th 2017

    Dear Zara

    Thanks so much for sending these pictures! We still are talking about our wonderful ride with you and Charlotte...and the horses' ears must be burning... they were wonderful! Made me feel as if I could actually ride!

    Hope you are well and that you have a busy season ahead. Many thanks to you and to Charlotte for all your hard work.

    Very best!

    - Elissa Kramer
  • Lisbon Portugal - 3rd April 2017

    Dear Charlotte and Zara, Thank you very much for organizing such a wonderful ride.
    Great company, beautiful landscape and I really enjoyed riding Red.

    I would like to send an email to our incredibly welcoming hosts. Could you please send me their contacts?

    I really enjoyed a great relaxing time and I will be back for sure.

    I have a few images to share and I will send them as soon as I am back in Lisbon.

    - Pedro Reis
  • March 29th 2017

    Truly first class experience, quality horses and expert guides coupled with stunning quintessentially English countryside. Amazing once in a lifetime opportunity to stay in such palatial accommodation , fantastic hosts, great food and wonderful bespoke service. I will be booking again and again.

    - Jeanette Reid, Director Portman House Estates Ltd
  • Chicago - October 9th 2016

    We are finally back from our long trip, and I am just now getting caught up on life a bit. I just wanted to say thank you to both of you for such an incredible experience - the ride was one of my favorite things that I have ever done! I loved being on the horses, staying at the homes, getting to know our hosts, our fellow riders (as well as you two!), learning the history, and just enjoying the beautiful views throughout every day. I'm so glad I read that article in Conde Nast :) We will definitely be back for another ride in the future. Bob thoroughly enjoyed it as well - I presume that the next time we come, he'll be wanting to canter all day, every day ;)

    Thanks again for organizing such a wonderful ride - it's something that I will never forget. If either of you are ever in Chicago, please let me know. We would love to keep in touch!!

    - Mary Senesac
  • October 8th 2016

    Hi Zara,

    Thank you so much for such a fantastic few days last week.

    Mum and I had the most magical time and loved every minute of it. You were so thoughtful letting me ride two different (both gorgeous) horses and have totally reignited my passion for it all over again - not that I ever lost it! Both Annie Doughty and Annie and Christopher were so hospitable we felt so at home.

    I'm joining the Riding Club London as a result of the trip and know we would both adore to come back for another Stately Rides one day.

    Annie Cox has been so kind and offered me a horse for the Fun Ride on 23rd October which I'm keeping my fingers crossed I'll be able to do - just waiting to hear back from her as to whether there's anyone I might be able to join on the ride as apparently it's not something you can just take yourself off on. If it would be really lovely to see you there if you're going and it all works out!

    Do keep in touch and hopefully see you soon.

    - Hannah Talbot
  • Norfolk - October 7th 2016

    Dear Charlotte and Zara,

    I can't thank you both enough for the incredible few days Hannah and I spent with you this week. It was the most wonderful, memorable experience ever. All the horses were so fit and beautifully mannered - though Otto was especially saintly and Hannah, as you know, fell in love with Aslan. Your passion for horses just shines through and is what makes Stately Rides so very special.

    Our hosts, Annie and Christopher and Annie Dowty were so warm and welcoming and made us feel completely relaxed in their wonderful homes. And, please pass on huge thanks to Kate who was such a great escort.

    Your professionalism and attention to detail meant we didn't have to worry about a thing and we could just have fun. Unforgettable riding in the most beautiful countryside, thank you!

    Very best wishes,

    - Hilary Talbot
  • Fuel Recruitment - October 2016

    Dear Zara and Charlotte

    Loved loved every minute!!!!! Thank you all so much. Please send thanks to Nikki as well. What a fantastic weekend. xxxxx

    - Love from Lorraine Esom
  • BBC Broadcaster & Presenter - October 3rd 2016

    Thank you for a totally amazing weekend! It was utterly wonderful in every way and we all loved every minute. What you do on Stately Rides is just incredible and we are so lucky to be the beneficiaries. We're coming next year, that's a certainty.

    - Fiona Bruce
  • October 2nd 2016


    Thank you so much for the pictures.

    We had such a wonderful weekend with Stately Rides. You, Charlotte and Nicky looked after us so well, the horses were just fabulous and the whole experience was amazing. Both houses we stayed in were stunning and the hosts made us feel so welcome. We will be back next year!

    - Claire Fuller
  • Ferne Dorset - July 29th 2016

    Dear Zara and Charlotte

    Thank you so much for arranging a truly wonderful riding holiday in Wales. Thank you also for taking such good care of the horses and ponies. I checked them in the field this morning and they were all lying down fast asleep!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of the holidays. Happy August

    - Claudia Rothermere
  • South Australia - July 18th 2016

    If you want to have the most joyous time ride with the Stately Rides of the UK. Fabulous horses, wonderful people. Charlotte, Zara and Kate ensured that we had a fantastic time. Matching riders to horses with astute observation.

    Professional to the hilt, Charlotte and Zara showed utter consideration in every aspect of the ride. The Cotswolds revealed all its beauty, when one rides over hills, through meadows, enchanting towns, back roads and forests. This is the way to see this County. Riding up to the Pub, or having a picnic lunch - scrumptious.

    Our hosts could not have been more hospitable. With special thanks to Annie and Christopher at Banksfee farm and John and Annie, Heather and Nick, for their warmth and hospitality and great conversation.

    I treasure my map and marvel at our achievement.

    - Kerry Heysen-Hicks
  • San Francisco - June 22nd 2016

    Hi Zara,

    We can't thank all of you enough for the incredible opportunity to experience the Cotswolds in such a unique manner.

    Please pass on our thanks and regards to all.

    - Paul
  • London - June 11th 2016

    Hi Charlotte,

    Thank you for the photos - great reminders of a couple of great days. I hope all is well with the injured soldiers and look forward to doing it all again next year!!


    - Richard
  • Canada - May 29th 2016

    Hey Zara,

    Thanks for the great pics and for the wonderful rides. We had such an awesome time!

    Take Care,

    - Bill MacEwan
  • Bainbridge Island - May 2016

    An Unforgettable Trip
    Dear Zara,

    Thank you so much for the great photos.

    Once again, we had a fabulous time. Thanks so much to the wonderful hosts, to you and Charlotte, and to Victoria and Nicki. And we certainly owe a debt of gratitude to the wonderful Marble and Major and most of all, to Bella. What fabulous horses! We couldn't have asked for a better holiday.

    Perhaps there could be another ride in the future. Time will tell.

    Thank you again.

    - Susan, Jack and Brian
  • Paris - October 19th - 21st, 2015

    Dear Zara and Charlotte,

    Many many thanks to you both for another wonderful ride in ideal conditions! Thanks also to Esme and Tris for all the help.

    Annie/Christopher and Annie/John were the same kind and welcoming hosts, and I greatly enjoyed meeting them again. Also I very much enjoyed going over the same country in Autumn, as the colours and the whole feeling of the countryside were very different from last time.

    It was splendid to meet Fiona and Mia. I really enjoyed riding with them and I do look forward to The Article!

    Best Regards,

    - Nicolas
  • USA - October 2nd, 2015

    Hi Zara,

    Our three day ride in early August was perhaps the best holiday trip we have ever taken and we would love to do it again. I am wondering about possible rides in 2016.

    If you recall, we are Jack and Susan from Bainbridge Island, Washington and we rode with Bill and Jackie from Canada. We will be seeing Bill and Jackie at the end of October when we meet midway between our homes to have dinner and reminisce about our shared experience. We agree that if you haven't done it, you can't quite understand, and so it will be fun to get together with people who were there.

    Anyway, we would love to do another ride, three or four days. We would like to include our son, Brian (age 30), if possible. If there were something in early Summer or late Spring it would be ideal, but we can work around most dates.

    If it is not too early to ask, we would love to hear if it seems possible to plan something.

    Jack is continuing with his riding lessons so that he will be proficient at the canter.

    We hope all is well with you and your marvellous horses.

    Best Regards,

    - Susan Allan
  • Dublin - September 8th, 2015

    Hi Ladies,

    Just to say again very many thanks. We had a fantastic time and have already recommended it to a few horsey people. Loved Bella, Marble and Pixie (hard to find another example of such well behaved fit horses) and all the dogs etc. Could you also pass on our thanks to Annie and Christopher/Annie and John for their wonderful hospitality. Also great to have Annie join the ride on Sunday. Also very good to get the snaps. Really enjoyed the route and all the detail about the places of interest.

    Warm Regards,

    - Paula and Gerry
  • Canada - August 3rd, 2015

    Dear Zara,

    Thank you so much. We have had a simply marvellous time. Our great hosts, the fabulous meals, the unbelievable rides, in short all stunning. Many thanks to Tris and Victoria for guiding along the way.


    - Bill and Jackie
  • Manila, Philippines - July 19th, 2015

    Hi Zara,

    That's right! The trip has provided us with dinner table conversation for months to come.

    My family was blown away by my amateur photos set to a delightful soundtrack from Pride & Prejudice thanks yo the reliable iPhoto app in my laptop. I can just imagine what the impact will be once the professionals step-in.

    Thank you again for everything!

    My best regards to Charlotte, Tris and our new found friends.

    - Mariles
  • Manila, Philippines - July 19th, 2015

    Hi Zara,

    Back in Manila safe and sound after three weeks of wonderful holiday. Needless to say, the highlight of our holiday was the riding trip at the Cotswolds. We can never stop talking about it to family and friends. Mariles already gave a slide presentation over lunch to her family!!

    Yes I just consolidated all the videos and photos last week. I requested EON's senior creative consultant to prepare the storyline of our riding trip which will be the backbone of the 5 minute video we are creating. I gave Anjie (who is copied here) your and Charlotte's book, our itinerary, and the map that we followed. Once this chef d'ouvres is done we will definitely share for posting in the Stately Rides website.I hope you don't mind if Anjie communicates with you for details about stately rides. Also tell Tris that we will surely take him up on his offer to be the official narrator of our adventure!!

    In the meantime, Mark who is with EON's MIS team, can send you a zip file of the raw footages of the trip together with the photos.

    Zara, Mariles and I cannot thank you and Charlotte enough for organizing the adventure of a lifetime. Truly a magnificent experience. We hope to see you soon either at the Cotswolds or in one of the islands of the Philippines!!!

    Warmest regards,

    - Junie
  • Edinburgh - July 17th 2015

    Could it we wondered be as good as last time? It was better!

    Another marvellous trip, Zara, huge thanks to you and Charlotte and Victoria and Tris and all the support, and to Antonia and all at Admington.

    I know we pushed you to the limit on numbers but you met the challenge brilliantly and the horses were splendid, beautifully matched and beautifully behaved. It was a wonderful family trip and so great having so many of the young with us, who you made so welcome and who without exception loved it all. It was a great atmosphere on the ride, with a load of fun and banter. The routes were lovely again, the best of England. Lunch stops were again brilliantly chosen. Richenda's marvellous cooking in that blissful hidden old farmhouse: how nice that was!

    Admington was of course very special and really made the trip extra memorable. Antonia was so welcoming and dinner a real summer feast. We felt so well looked after in lovely lovely surroundings and in such comfort. It was a huge pleasure to be there.

    We might have another trip in us yet, maybe Notgrove and the Windrush sometime, assuming you are still in action from Hay on W!

    All power to you and Charlotte, Zara, love and great gratitude from us all.

    - BX
  • Edinburgh - June 15th 2015

    Dear Zara and Charlotte

    I hope you have now received my email with the link to the photographs that Gavin took of our Stately Ride from 31 May to 2 June. I just wanted to thank you both separately for the wonderful time we spent with you in the Cotswolds. Everything about the holiday was perfect and you looked after us brilliantly. Having now returned from another trip, I will be writing to our super hosts to thank them for their kindness too.

    We wish you both a very successful season and look forward to visiting again.

    Do let me know if you are passing through Edinburgh.

    Zara, please also let me know if you would like to sell Crosby. I liked him very much as you could tell!

    With very best wishes to you both

    - Amanda
  • London - June 14th 2015

    Dear Zara and Charlotte,

    A huge thank you for a magical couple of days with you both in the Cotswolds. Rhun and I had the most wonderful time. We felt very privileged to ride such beautiful and well mannered horses.

    We look forward to see you both in 2016!

    - Becky
  • Norfolk - May 21st 2015

    Dear Charlotte and Zara,

    Thank you very much for the great pics but mostly for the wonderful three days riding.

    We still can't quite believe we did it and have so many wonderful memories of the countryside and the views. In fact we have too many thank you's to mention each one, starting with your kind assistance throughout and then our so welcoming hosts and their lovely interesting houses, and of course the laughs and fun. Top of the list must be our horses - Crosby has the glamour but Bella hides such sweetness and on occasion quite a dash as well, and Otto is simply a darling, so we feel very lucky to have met them and you both. Thank you also for the book which will remind us of everything we did.

    We were exhausted yesterday but have recovered now.

    I think we might be back one day! A very big thank you and we are so pleased to have met you.

    - Richard and Meryl
  • April 2015

    Dear Zara

    I wanted to thank you so much for the trip over Easter. It was everything we had hoped for. And weather was par for the season!

    You have had a wonderful idea and it is very well executed - the right horses, Tris was very good and the families were lovely to stay with.

    We love the area. Hopefully Sofia can spend some time there in summer.

    All the best to you and the rest of the team.

    - André Rogowski Vidal
  • Madrid - April 7th 2015

    Hello from Madrid!! First of all THANK YOU for a fantastic experience, we had a magnificent time in every aspect. It was really well organised, the horses are amazing and our guide and hosts were top of the pops. Back to work happy and refreshed (a little stiff, yes). And thank you for the pictures, saw them yesterday, really beautiful.

    - Christina Hernandez
  • New Jersey - Dec 2014

    Hello Zara… we miss you guys…

    Hey, I just had to tell you that because of how much I loved my time with you and Stately Rides, I find myself addicted to horses… What's up with that? I am riding 3 times a week, have leased a horse and am taking both jumping and dressage lessons.

    The horse I have leased is 18 hands and is a Hanoverian Thoroughbred cross. He's a big boy with a lot of get up and go. It is just so cool. I just had to tell you.

    Also, I am still working hard to figure out a way to get us over there and we haven't given up on that quest, nor will we.

    I know you are always busy, so I will keep this short..but did you ever think Stately Rides can cause a life altering experience? How great is that!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family and we really really hope to see you again soon.

    - Bart & Connie Hellwig
  • Chadwell, New York - Oct 27th 2014


    A very belated and yet heartfelt thank you for such a wonderful 5 days! Each moment was so perfect. The horses were perfection (especially the ponies) our hosts were so lovely and generous with their time.

    We really enjoyed meeting everyone.You truly put together a masterful trip, one none of us will ever forget.

    We really enjoyed getting to know you as well. Please visit if ever you come to New York.

    Xxx to Otto, Major, Murphy and Soggy Biscuit.

    Very sincerely.

    - Tracy, Philip, Philip Jr and John
  • Oct 3rd 2014, Tom Boy Films - London

    Dear Zara and Charlotte.

    Thank you both for another brilliant time. We all three loved it. You're the best xxxxxx

    - Glynis Murray
  • Sussex - Oct 3rd 2014

    Dear Zara and Charlotte,

    Thank you for looking after Lulu, Glyn and me on our three day ride through parts of Warwickshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire.

    As second timers we knew what to expect but the care and attention you lavish on your clients remains 100% plus--and all is achieved in a calm, happy, effortless manner. Murphy, Marble and Otto were on top form and it is always a sad moment to leave them at the end of the ride.

    I have written to thank our hosts for allowing us to stay overnight and for their warm welcome and generous hospitality. We had great fun at all three houses and again sad to depart on each occasion.

    Thank goodness we have found Stately Rides with you two at the helm. It has given us the chance to enjoy an out of reality experience.

    With grateful thanks from all three of us,

    - Robert Batchellor
  • New Jersey USA - 16th Sept 2014

    Dear Zara and Charlotte,

    We had the best time! This experience fulfilled one of my lifelong dreams and you made it perfect! Will keep in touch.

    - Connie and Bart Hellwig
  • Edinburgh - August 8th 2014


    We were totally enraptured by our Stately Ride, by your and Charlotte's wonderful organisation and charming presence (and not forgetting Tris, at all either), by your beautifully selected, perfectly presented, immaculately performing horses, and by the open hearted welcome and generous hospitality of our lovely hosts. It was unforgettable, the high wild Cotswolds, the sunshine, the fun and laughter, if we had expectations, they were exceeded many many times over. You have created something special, you two, and no mistake: all power to you in sharing it widely successfully with others.

    Thanks a million to you both, fantastic. More to come...

    Kind regards,

    - Barry and lucy McCorkell
  • Somerset - August 7th 2014

    Hi Zara, Charlotte and Tris,

    Just seen the photos - wonderful! God, you organised us all brilliantly! Everyone had the most fantastic time - including James and Rob. I catch James looking pensive then he says "Yes, I rather like this equestrian thing" (Sooo proud of himself) He is a convert. I could go right through the two days telling you everything that was wonderful but you might get bored, so I will content myself with just telling you how gorgeous Otto was - such a rare combination of really wanting to get on but no flightiness, no spooking at anything, just steady as a rock.

    Charlotte and Tris, you were lovely guides, really looked after us, and it was a joy watching you both ride.

    Much love,

    - Sam Alessandra Alexandroff
  • August 5th 2014

    Dear Zara, Charlotte and Tris,

    I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how much we all enjoyed our Stately Ride. You looked after us all so well. We loved the riding and for me to be saying that is quite something! I felt that I had finally mastered the rising trot and even managed a canter without hitting the turf. The credit for that goes to you and of course the lovely Marble! He couldn't have been better and I quite miss him!

    It's a wonderful holiday that you put together and one that seemed much longer than just the two days. Your great dedication shone through. I am sure SR will go from strength to strength.

    We much enjoyed meeting the Coxes and John and Annie. And of course, as usual, the people are as interesting as the animals. Everyone has a story and for some much more humbling than ones own. Would you mind sending me their full addresses as I would like, if it's okay to do so, to drop them a quick note to say thank you.

    I hope, Tris, that you enjoy your change of direction - I am sure you will; and that you, Ladies of the Saddle, continue to enjoy juggling as many balls as elegantly and gracefully as you evidently currently do; and that we see you all again somewhere sometime soon. (Zara, please don't forget to link up Alessandra with the lovely Mel if you don't mind).

    Very best wishes,

    - James
  • August 4th 2014

    Dear Charlotte & Zara,

    I have been home for a few days with loads of wonderful memories from a memorable vacation.

    Thank you both so very much for the wonderful holiday with Stately Rides. It was such an enjoyable experience - Otto was the perfect horse for me, loved the accommodations, meals, the hosts are lovely and the Cotswolds countryside is so beautiful. The time went by too quickly!

    Thanks Charlotte for being such a wonderful guide, I truly feel I experienced the Cotswolds the way it was meant to be, on the back of a horse.

    One day I hope I can ride with you again. Thanks very much.

    Warm regards,

    - Cheryl Cohen
  • China - July 28th 2014

    Dear Zara and Charlotte,

    We have successfully return China. Because the job is busy.So today was to write to you.

    This time we travel very happy. Is a unforgettable journey. Very glad to know you, and become friends.

    Thanks to Chris and Marian, they are very enthusiastic, let us know the British traditions, we all like Jeremy and his paintings. Thanks to Jahn and Annie, they let us know the history of Britain, They have a history of furniture.

    If you Chinese travel, must not forget our.

    Look forward to the next trip to the UK, must come again to see you.

    Thank you!

    - Bobby/Ellie/Huan/Li
  • London - July 25th 2014

    Dear Zara and Charlotte

    I have been travelling so much that I have not had the chance to thank you properly for our riding weekend, which Natalia and I enjoyed immensely.br />
    We will not hesitate in recommending you and your company and you can bank on us coming back for another weekend - I hope soon!br />
    With warm regards

    - Philipp M Hildebrand - Vice Chairman BlackRock
  • London - July 21st 2014

    Dear Zara and Charlotte

    So we are back in London, I am back at work, and the memory of our wonderful weekend still very vivid - and the muscles adjusting!

    I would love your postal address, so we can write and thank you properly, and also Christopher and Annie, and Chris and Marion too . If that is OK. Everyone made our weekend so very special, and we would love to say thank you properly.

    I also wanted to say that if you needed any endorsements for your website, we'd be delighted to provide those. I know what it is like promoting a small business, a full time job!

    And hope you and Victoria, have a very well earned rest yourselves, for a day or so anyway - and of course those marvellous horses too, whom we miss!

    With huge thanks and appreciation

    - Joanna and Penelope
  • Memphis, Tennessee - July 15th 2014

    Dear Zara & Charlotte

    Forgive me for being so long in telling you what a fabulous trip you gave our family! It was an A+ from start to finish. We had such a good time together and with you and can;t quit talking about it to everyone. I have several who are interested that I will give website info. I told them about how nice the horses and tack are, the houses we stayed in and the nice hosts and the fabulous scenery. It was just one great day after the next and I hope we will do another one and get the same weather! You both were experts at making us feel comfortable from the minute we met you. Your enthusiasm and love of horses and England is like I've never experienced over there. The food at the picnic was divine and I wish I had some now. I ws telling my friend………I don't want to spoil the surprise photo from her coming!… This friend I'm with all summer and we picnic, beach, dinner with…..share books and have a grand ole time with the entire family and I had no idea of the connection….

    Hope your other groups have as much fun as we did

    - Harriet Mcfadden
  • New York - 13 July 2014

    Dear Zara and Charlotte,

    Forgive the time lag in writing. Somehow I forgot my computer charger in New York, so it has taken me a few days to be up and running since we left the UK.

    I wanted to thank both of you on behalf of my family, for a truly wonderful trip around the Cotswolds. It was so much fun and a wonderful 50th birthday present to myself. You both did such a terrific job in making us have a truly memorable trip; you made the planning look effortless.

    I feel confident to say "mission accomplished" in romancing the British countryside to my two children and husband. It worked! They are all excited to come and live in the UK. Preferably in house where Lilah can build jumps for a dog like Cleo, (Annie Dowty's dog), and with ponies in a paddock. So thank you for that in addition to the obvious thanks for providing wonderful horses, gorgeous places to stay with gracious hosts who catered to football foibles and the picky dietary requirements of 8 year olds, all with good humour and grace.

    Thank you also for sending the photographs. I am glad there is a good one of me on Major, my favourite horse that I have ridden in a very very long time. What a lovely gentle soul he is, I miss him. Please also thank Tristam on our behalf for always smiling. You may be amused to know that now we are In Switzerland and Lilah marched up to her riding teacher and told her "You have to teach me to canter!"

    We all really loved it, each having a very different but equally wonderful experience. What a fantastic holiday. Thank you


    - Claire
  • USA - 19th June 2014

    Dear Zara,
    Thank you for the pic!
    Little Murphy was perfection.
    What a gorgeous ride!
    Thank you for taking such good care of me!
    ...and you're right the unspoiled country side is totally worth fighting for!

    - Gela Taylor - Co Founder Juicy couture and co founder Pam & Gela
  • New York - 19 June 2014

    Lovely drive over, made it very quickly. And I wanted to thank you both once again for an incredible experience. I cannot conceive a better way to see the Cotswolds! Thank you for sharing this remarkable piece of the world with us. We LOVED our horses--Otto is a doll and Bess loved Major, her only regret is that she would loved to have jumped in and thinks you should definitely let your daughter see what he can do as an eventing horse! (or perhaps Bess will be back to take him on herself!)

    I look forward to our continued friendship; this was indeed a very special trip. thanks again. xo

    - Maureen Missner
  • Enfield, London - April 25th 2014

    I just want to say a huge huge thank you. It was truly a fantastic experience and I most enjoyed every aspect of it from the riding , to the hosts, to the company on the rides, the views, just being in the countryside. Everything . What you have created , the experience is truly fantastic and I am most most grateful. Im sure I will be back soon

    All the best for now and take plenty of care

    Off to my sports massage now!!!

    - Michael Yianni
  • London - April 2014

    Dear Zara and Charlotte,

    It was so nice to meet you last weekend. I had such a great time! Thank you so much for the perfect organisation and taking care of all of us. It was a absolutely perfect!

    Very sad that I had to miss the last day - but it is just one more reason to come back soon :-)

    Looking forward to pictures etc. and of course seeing you two again either later this year or next.

    Please give Marble a big kiss from me,

    - Julia
  • April 24th 2014

    Dear Zara & Charlotte,

    Got home all right (though at 2am). I really wanted to thank you again because I so I enjoyed everything: the riding and the horses, the country, the company, the hospitality. Truly I could have gone on for ever! Please do thank all our hosts for me as well, they were so kind and welcoming.

    The weather actually got better and better, and it was never a real nuisance, so please don't worry about it.

    Do let me know if you come accross to France, you must come and visit us. And I certainly look forward to coming again, in the hunting season maybe?

    All the best for your other rides this summer, especially with the Chinese billionaires...

    - Nicolas Ruelle
  • Scotland - 18th September, 2013

    Dear Zara

    The best part of last weekend, was meeting you and Charlotte and spending time with you both. I am full of admiration for what you have both done/doing with Stately Rides. [Some of the admiration could be envy!!]

    I so enjoyed my ride. Thank you VERY MUCH for ALL you did to make it so enjoyable for me. I apologise for crumbling on the last lap, BUT, on the other hand, I was happy to see what Broadway looked like and if you enjoyed a wee ride.......all well and good! I have now finally realized, that if I do another ride sometime, I shall have to hop on a horse a few times before I go.......I've reached that stage......can't get away with it anymore!!

    Will send you a few pics from our ride. It was really great to ride in that area.......what a maze of bridleways! Fabulous! ¬Nothing, anywhere, to beat riding across country like that! Charlotte was absolutely wonderful. So cheerful, thoughtful and considerate. I enjoyed her company immensely. And all her chatter about the places we were riding through. And Marble did everything I asked him........a very dependable, lovely fella!! I really hope you will stop here sometime on your trips north. I would so love to see you [ and Charlotte ] again. It was all a lot of fun! Thank you both so much!!!!!!!


    - Sheena M
  • East Sussex - 12th August, 2013

    Dear Zara and Charlotte.

    You certainly met a challenge with Glynis, Henry, Lulu and me participating in one of your Stately Rides - but rest assured we all had the most wonderful time thanks to the 110% effort and attention given by you both at all times. Nothing was too much trouble, for example - Zara walking miles to collect sun cream for Glynis and buying frozen beans for the ice pack treatments to my painful backside.

    The countryside and villages were stunning. I especially enjoyed the table and chair picnic and the stroll by the stream through the Windrush valley. The hospitality at each Stately House was fantastic. We were made to feel very welcome and again nothing was too much trouble.

    Marble and Murphy proved to ideal for Lulu and me - such gentlemen and now lucky they are to have found you to give them a healthy and happy life. That was another plus in our eyes, as to well you look after the horses - just like us your clients.

    We hope the remainder of the season goes well and you never know Glynis may be back in touch next year! With love,

    - Lulu and Robert
  • August, 2013

    Just wanted to say a massive thankyou for our brilliant riding hol! We all four loved it and you were both Perfect!

    Keep in touch with us wont you.

    - Glyn
  • July, 2013

    Dear Charlotte & Zara

    Thank you both so much for a really wonderful weekend of riding in the beautiful Cotswold countryside. The horses, the company, the weather, the organisation were all just perfect & I enjoyed every minute. Please convey my thanks to our hosts for their kind hospitality. I did enjoy staying at Banks Fee where Annie & Christopher were perfect hosts. Annie's delicious homemade cakes, perfectly cooked dinner & breakfast were appreciated by all their guests. Thanks also to John & Annie for inviting us to stay in their historic house with its beautiful grounds. I particularly appreciated John checking my room for the bats which had found their way into the house. As I had an unfortunate experience with a bat in my bedroom some years ago I was keen to avoid a repetition of this! Many thanks too to Zara for preparing such a delicious picnic on Sunday & providing the essential organisational back up. Piers was very good company & we all appreciated his gate opening/closing skills & help with the horses.

    With thanks again to you both for organising such a great weekend. It was very clear that you both put enormous effort into ensuring everyone had a memorable & very enjoyable time. I wish you every success with new rides - please do send me details in due course.

    Best Wishes

    - Kathy
  • July, 2013

    Dear Zara I am still riding in Happy Valley in my head....and sitting down to chat to you over that quite delicious picnic you prepared....I feel a strong sense of 'to be continued' - though one never knows when, where or how...But it was all an absolute treat. We so enjoyed the weekend - and Robin completely bonded with Marble to the extent that he was fantasising about taking him home to Dunwich.

    Please say a HUGE thankyou to Charlotte, too, though I will be in touch with her directly myself in due course - am sure to be bothering both of you about this and that once I get down to the writing.

    Lots of love

    - Kate Kelloway
  • 2013

    Hi Charlotte, Zara

    Wanted to say we both had an absolutely fantastic time over Sunday/Monday/Tuesday. Thank for putting together such a hugely special couple of days. Truly wonderful rides, houses and hosts. Being 'guests' at Wormington Grange has to be a lifetime special occasion!

    It was all the sort of thing we just knew we would enjoy doing - a dream really, if I can say that. We hope to ride with you again. And thanks also of course to Otto and Star. Otto really is such a great horse. It was a privilege to ride him. With very best wishes for all your endeavors, and wishing you continued success with Stately Rides.

    - Tony, Rosemary
  • 2013

    Hi Zara,

    Thanks again for a wonderful riding weekend - the aches and pains have now thankfully subsided!

    - Suzanne
  • Vienna - June 2013

    Dear Charlotte

    A massive thank you for the most wonderful weekend. Rest assured my work colleagues, friends and family have all been briefed. It's fair to say not much work was done last week, as I couldn't stop thinking about the weekend. I even called my boss Marble at one point! We have photos of Picasso and marble in pride of place. We will be in touch to book another ride with you very soon. Becca and Rhun (London - July 12th 2013)Dear Charlotte, dear Zara,We are now back in Vienna and I am writing to say that both Anèl and I enjoyed immensely the days with you in the Cotswolds. I have said this before but I will say again that the riding was great, you did an excellent job, your horses are a real pleasure to ride, one feels entirely safe and comfortable and yet there is also action. The scenery, the villages, even the weather were all perfect. We also felt very much at home with our kind hosts in their beautiful homes.Anèl also had a great time and she is very grateful to your Mother, Charlotte, for having devoted so much time and energy to showing her around. Anèl would like to write to your mother and could you please let us know her (real, not e-mail) address?

    We have so far only glanced through your splendid book and look forward to reading it and enjoying the photographs properly.

    Just a little anecdote to end with, when we drove out of Banks Fee we saw the entrance to the grounds of Longborough opera festival. We got curious, went in, there were people and eventually a lady very kindly invited us to attend the dress rehearsal of the third act of "Die Walküre" - which was another highlight and quite an unexpected one, too.

    If you come to Vienna please do let us know and we would greatly enjoy seeing you here.

    Many thank again and best wishes.

    - Anèl and Herwig
  • May 30, 2013

    Had a blast!! Really enjoyed every moment. My family is happily impressed with my new adventurous spirit!

    Best regards,

    - Ruthie
  • Australia - Perth 2012

    Just a quick note to say a big thank you for my weekend riding. I had a really special memorable time, which I will sincerely treasure, and will hope to repeat soon. My only concern will be that you will become so popular, that you won't have room!

    I had a wonderful time, from inspiring scenery and quintessential English villages, to access to dramatic homes I could only imagine existed before, and the kindnesses the gracious hosts showed us, and the entertainment their canine companions threw in was priceless! But what really made the weekend for me was the care and attention you both gave ensuring I had a safe but amazing experience on the back of your fabulous horses, Bella and Picasso. Your love of them, for your other horses, and for what you do is patently visible, and it was a sheer joy and delight to be part of it for all too brief a time.

    - Jo Rollinson
  • South Carolina USA - Oct 10th 2012

    Dear Charlotte and Zara,

    Congratulations on the launch of England on Horseback - looks a wonderful book! We have been telling so many friends about our wonderful Cotswold Ride - everyone wants to sign up!

    Our very best to you both.

    - Nancy Henze-Aitkin
  • Oxfordshire - Oct 8th 2012

    My dear Charlotte,

    I had very little time after coming back from my ride with you and failed to get your address to send you a note (a written one, in the old fashion way!)

    Now in Madrid I have more leisure and want to say how much I treasured my time on the Stately Ride and what a perfect holiday it was for me. I look forward to many more or even just day rides.

    It was a real pleasure meeting you and have proper conversations, which I always enjoy. I hope we can arrange lunch, ride, walking dogs soon.

    Bien amicalement,

    - Marie France Burton
  • Griffiths London - 29th Sept 2012

    Dear All

    Thank you all for a lovely couple of days, it felt like I had been away for ages when I returned to work today.

    lots of love

    - Jane Harrop
  • Surrey - 29th Sept. 2012

    Thank you everyone for such a fabulous holiday - I loved every minute. Wish I could do it all again tomorrow! Great riding, great company and great memories

    Brilliant fun

    - Rachel Di Vito
  • Warwickshire - 30th Sept 2012

    Zara and Charlotte

    I wanted to say what a delightful couple of days riding and company you organised, it was fantastic. Good to get to know you both and look forward to riding with you again.
    Best wishes

    - Chris Walker
  • Surrey - 2nd Oct 2012

    Dear Zara and Charlotte

    Thank you both so much for setting up and hosting our mini holiday last week. We all had the most wonderful time, it was the perfect way to spend time with horsey, country loving friends. I don't really know where to start with my praise!

    Firstly we loved meeting you both, getting to know you and Piers and spending time with you all. You are great company and I laughed a lot!

    Your horses were perfect, it is a great honour for someone to allow us to ride their own horses and all of yours were just lovely - well mannered, enthusiastic and perfectly suited to each of us.

    You had clearly put so much thought into the routes and also into the houses where your guests stay. Even the lunch stops were perfect and gave a wonderful view of the Cotswolds (plus the timing was spot on to avoid the rain - very clever of you!). It was such a pleasure to meet Annie and Christopher and then Anne and John. Both with such gorgeous houses. They were so welcoming and friendly. Personally Banks Fee is my favourite, very much my type of place.

    Our trip back home, we couldn't stop talking about how much fun we had had. We are certainly planning another trip with you as Jane's husband would adore it as well.

    I do hope your next adventure over the weekend went well? Did Star benefit from a bit of a rest? I was riding the following morning 7am and only had a slightly tender bot which soon was forgotten! I hope that this week has allowed you both to rest.

    Please do pass on my thanks and best wishes to Annie, Christopher, Anne and John.

    Thank you again so so much and good luck for the rest of the year. I am sorry I will miss your book launch but the other girls are planning to join you for it.

    Best wishes

    - Hester White
  • Kent - 19th Sept 2012

    Dear Zara and Charlotte,

    Thank you so much for the weekend riding, sorry it has taken me so long to email, life has been running away with me. It certainly was back to reality once home! Anyway, just want to say thank you so much, I had a great time. The riding was wonderful, Picasso was a joy, the hosts and meals were just perfect and how brilliant to be out all weekend in such glorious sunshine.I Hope all is well with you both

    - Jane Laird
  • May 2011

    Dear Charlotte, Zara and Piers,

    A huge thank you for the fabulous ride last weekend. I loved every minute of my wonderful weekend. It was such a treat and privilege to stay int wo stunning houses with such charming hosts and with such delicious food. the highlight though was the riding. It was wonderful to be riding in the beautiful countryside and on your beautiful horses. Charlie and Picasso were a joy to ride.

    I am dreaming of coming next year.

    - Jane
  • May 17th, 2011

    Dear Charlotte and Zara,

    Thank you for a fabulous two days - it was every bit as perfect as the first ride and I will enjoy the memories of our trip for a very long time!I loved the route,, and the houses were excellent. As ever, you have chosen your hosts well and they made us very welcome with wonderful food, drink and company. Please do pass on my best wishes and thanks to them all - and to piers who excelled in hid gaucho duties again.love to you both - and to marble Charlie, Star and Picasso. What a great team.

    - Lindsay
  • Australia - April, 2011

    Dear Charlotte and Zara,

    We have finally arrived home and are now addressing 8 weeks of mail. We did so much enjoy our ride with you and the lovely people we met. It was the greatest fun. Although i know that we were paying for the privilege, the fact that we were staying and eating in private homes completely obviated the cost. It was worth every penny and we shall be advertising and promoting 'Stately Rides' around Australia!. Although it maybe another two years before we make the UK again: if I can persuade Pam, which shouldn't be too difficult.

    Love from us both.

    - Jamie and Pam Edwards
  • 2011

    I cannot tell you just how special our time there was, spending time in a beautiful area and even more, getting to know a lot of fun and interesting people in that environment. Everything was first rate and we had a blast. Thank you again for organising such a memorable trip.

    - Rick Wilson
  • October 24th, 2010 London

    Dear Charlotte, Zara and Piers.

    I am sitting here in London slightly depressed, wanting to look out the window to see gorgeous countryside and whether my trusty steed is ready! Kisses to the horses. Very kind regards

    - Christine
  • Portugal - 27th October, 2010

    It was heaven! What more could one want - stunning countryside, the smell and feel of those lovely horses. Wonderful company throughout and fabulous food! Without question the BEST week I have had for a long long time so I am very indebted to you both. I am back and struggling with the reality of London!

    - Mikus Lindemann
  • Spain, Madrid - October, 2010

    A few words to thank you for all your kindness to me for a providing such a fantastic plan that will be on my memory for always. I really enjoyed it all from the staying at Christopher and Annie, in such pretty house, and georgous barns. The absolutely magnificent landscapes of Britain the house of Christopher Marion and Jeremy and all their warm hospitality. The ride to Admington, the beauty of Admington's gardens and wonderful romance of Norton Hall.

    - Jaime Patino Mitjans Conde Del Arco
  • 2010

    Thank you again Charlotte and Zara for a wonderful weekend in the beautiful countryside. I still miss Charlie. He is a great horse - fun but safe - and really looked after me. Jamie was a real gentleman, opening all of those gates! I have already suggested to another frined in London to go on a "Stately Ride" and hopefully I can convince my husband to come with me on another ride in the spring. Many kisses to Charlie for me.

    - Christine
  • New York - 2010

    Let me tell you what a great time we had, it was just fantastic. We are definite converts and will make every effort to do it again next year. I have a great friend here in New York who would be interested..in the Stately Rides trip

    - Robyne and Herb
  • 2010

    Zara, Thank you so much for such a wonderful weekend last weekend. It really was so special with the beautiful countryside, forward going horses, delicious food and amazing houses to stay in. I was slightly freaked out when I got home as to how close my neighbours were after staying on those estates where the nearest person lived miles away! My muscles finally were back to normal by Wednesday although my bottom will never forgive me! I hope to come riding with you again when you start the other ride. Is that likely to be next year now? Please send my thanks to Charlotte too and for her beautiful Otto. I so loved riding him. Thank you also to Piers for his charm and humour. Not to mention all those gates he dismounted for! Thank you again Zara. What a brilliant idea. I feel so privileged to have been one of the first. Take care. Love, Victoria. xxx

    - Victoria Mills
  • 2010

    Zara Just a short email to thank you and Charlotte (and Piers!) for a really enjoyable weekend. It was a wonderful experience - and one I keep thinking about as I sit here chained to my desk in dirty, grey London. Please also pass my thanks on again to our delightful hosts - Annie and Christopher and Harry and Diana, and their families, were incredibly welcoming and hospitable. I have been looking at my photos and it all seems like a bit of a dream! I think that the group all got on very well - it was nice to meet different people and see a different part of the Cotswolds to the one I am familiar with. I would certainly be very interested in coming again (if you will have me)! Love to Charlie, Widge,Star, Otto and Marble Love Lindsay

    - Lindsay Morgan
  • 2009

    Dear Zara and Charlotte, Thank you so much for a really lovely weekend it really was all you said it would be and I'm just sorry I diddnt have th courage to do the whole ride. Have fallen in love with all the horses especially Otto and Marble. Accomodation and food could not have been better what lovely places. I'm still thinking of the lovely countryside and villiages. All the best for the future I shall be thinking of you all in 2 weeks time. very best wishes Kate special thanks again to Charlotte.

    - Kate Elphinstone
  • 2009

    Wow, wow, wow! And I could go on. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed our stately ride. I have been describing it to friends and family as "one of my best vacations ever". The people, the places ... the stars just aligned. You have a real winner of a business - and you executed it with perfection.

    - David Trachtenberg
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