England offers some of the most unspoilt countryside in the world, with magnificent houses steeped in history and romance, offering you the chance to experience an exceptional riding holiday. 




Fiona Bruce (The Daily Telegraph. Nov 2015)

"We crossed through miraculously unspoilt countryside - we journeyed for hours without seeing another soul.It felt like I'd entered a charmed existence where I could dream of living another life - that of a Jane Austen heroine".



Jonathan Dimbleby. Sept 10th 2012

"What a wonderful weekend.  I enjoyed myself immensely.  Glorious riding amidst wonderful countryside with lovely company.  I think that all our hosts made such a difference as well - welcoming, efficient, living in charming or magnificent houses and providing delicious food. Would you please pass on my gratitude to them when you are next in contact.  I am now back on a dreary day in Devon in my office but will have very fond memories of the weekend to see me through until the spring.
I think both of you are terrific and very engaging company; also very skilful and efficient organisers for having the imagination to produce such enchanting hours.
I do hope that your book is a great success; it deserves to be."



Stately Rides

Two to Five Day Luxury English Horseback Safaris

Rides from £650 per person per day. 




Take history in your stride and ride across unspoilt landscapes from one country house to another. 



Rides vary from four to six hours a day with lunch stops enroute. Each evening you will arrive at a beautiful private home to be wined and dined by your hosts. Each morning your horse will be waiting.   




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"To see England properly, I recommend viewing it from the saddle,
for the smell and creaking of leather and the company of a horse
give it an atmosphere imaginative people can today only find in old novels."

A. F. Tschiffely, Bridlepaths 1935